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50th Issue Special Edition
50th Issue Special Edition
Ancient Origins Magazine proudly presents its 50th milestone issue, a compendium of unique articles and in-depth investigation drawn from our extensive archives. This commemorative edition reflects our enduring commitment to exploring the complexities of bygone eras through rigorous research and expert analysis. Spanning a wide spectrum of topics, including Maya mythology, divinely inspired monuments, and even some of our previously unknown hominid ancestors, each article offers a meticulous examination of pivotal historical phenomena.

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Homo heidelbergensis at the Rama 9 Museum in Bangkok, Thailand

10 Mysterious Human Species Most People Don’t Know Existed

Modern humans, Homo sapiens, are now the only surviving member of the Homo genus. It is almost inconceivable to us that we walked alongside other human species, but as the science of archaeology has progressed and more findings have been made it has become clear that the Homo genus was once rife with different species. 
Gondi Palace, Florence, Italy, Wedding Alcove by painter Matteo Bonechi and stucco by Giovan Battista Ciceri, “Allegory of a Happy Marriage”, ca. 1710. Credit: Elise Grenier
Artifacts & Tech

The Fascinating World of Art Conservation

In this interview, Elise Grenier, a distinguished conservator and the founder of Grenier Conservation LLC, delves into her 35-year journey in art conservation, a path that has taken her through significant projects in both the United States and Italy.

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