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Issues are chock-full of interviews and news from experts in the field, articles on intriguing finds and theories, thought-provoking contributor articles and features by notable authors, tasty and surprising ancient recipes, ancient puzzles and mysteries, and expeditions and journeys for the adventure-lovers.

This magazine has come about as a result of requests from you, our readers, and the passions of our dedicated team. So, welcome to Ancient Origins Magazine!

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Meet our Team
  • Alicia McDermott | Chief Editor
    Alicia McDermott - Chief Editor
    Favorite Ancient Site: Dendera Temple Complex, Egypt
    Alicia is the Chief Editor of Ancient Origins Magazine. She has degrees in Anthropology, International Development Studies, and Psychology. A lifelong learner with an open mind, her passions are cross-cultural communication, traditions, and exploring how we can apply the wisdom of the past to our lives today. A traveler and teacher at heart, Alicia has worked in various fields such as education, tourism, and anthropology. She’s traveled the world, exploring how the past and present intertwine and sharing deep conversations and fascinating experiences with people across the globe. Outside of her professional pursuits, Alicia is a dedicated meditator, crocheter, and loves to express her creativity in the kitchen – where she gathers inspiration for the Academy of Taste column!
    Santiago Giraldo Bedoya | Art Director
    Santiago Giraldo Bedoya - Art Director
    Favorite Ancient Site: Firenze, Italy
    Santiago has been fascinated by airplanes since childhood, eagerly memorizing airline logos. This passion ignited a deep love for graphics and branding. He used to guess logos with his father. After finishing school, Santiago pursued industrial design, where his affinity for branding and the arts flourished. His professional journey consistently revolved around graphic design, spanning marketing, industry, and even politics—always seeking innovative perspectives. Santiago relishes in transforming information into visually appealing, captivating content. Now based in Madrid, Santiago is the Art Director for Ancient Origins Magazine, channeling his creativity to make each article aesthetically pleasing and immersive. His goal is to envelop readers in an atmosphere that resonates with the content, making every word feel like an experience.
    Cecilia Bogaard | Editor
    Cecilia Bogaard - Editor
    Favorite Ancient Site: Medina Azahara, Cordoba, Spain
    With an MA in Social Anthropology and a degree in Visual Communication (Photography), Cecilia has a passion for research and content creation. Driven by an unwavering interest in the potential of art to incite social change and a fascination with the dynamics of power within public space throughout history, she advocates for the redemptive power of historical truths and inspirational stories in an era awash with hate and misinformation. Her resolute mission revolves around infusing the digital realm with a sense of humanity amidst the cacophony of the online world. This has taken her around the world to far-flung places, including Ecuador where she now lives with her family.
    Christian Aguilar | IT & Marketing
    Christian Aguilar - IT & Marketing
    Favorite Ancient Site: Chichén Itzá, Mexico
    Christian is the dedicated IT Support specialist for the Ancient Origins Magazine team. With a passion for technology and an unwavering commitment to staying at the forefront of advancements, Christian has always aspired to contribute his expertise to organizations with intriguing and impactful missions in the realm of web administration. His educational journey at the Catholic University of Cuenca, where he pursued a degree in systems engineering, has equipped him with a robust foundation in IT. Christian thrives on the dynamic challenges that come with his role and takes great pleasure in every facet of his job. Furthermore, he maintains a proactive approach to professional growth by continuously enrolling in cutting-edge courses, ensuring he remains well-versed in the latest technological developments, and thereby enhancing his contributions to his field.