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Discovery of Göbekli Tepe: The First Temple the World Had Ever Seen

By Joanna Gillan - August, 24 2019

On a windswept hilltop located six miles from Şanlıurfa– known in ancient times as Edessa – an American team, in collaboration with Istanbul University, carried out a survey in the early 1960s. They were examining sites across south-east Turkey to investigate the transition from hunting and gathering to the beginnings of farming.

The Astronomical Temples of Loughcrew

By Caleb Strom - May, 14 2019

It is probably not possible to tell when humans first began to wonder about the stars, the sun, and the moon or tried to understand their motion, though there is evidence of a lunar calendar being used by hunter-gatherers during the Upper Paleolithic in Europe around 32,000 BC.

How to Cook Like a Wealthy, 14th-Century ‘Good Wife’: Medieval French Chicken Cinnamon Soup

By Alicia McDermott - November, 24 2018

This recipe is taken from Le Ménagier de Paris’ (The Good Wife’s Guide), a guidebook from 1393 discussing the “proper behavior” for a woman in her marriage and while running a household. The text is not only a cookbook; it also includes advice from a fictional elderly husband telling his younger wife how to go about life in the garden, kitchen, and bedroom.

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