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We constantly seek to break down boundaries into research, and to explore all aspects of history. Our vision is to collect stories from all over the world to deliver inspiration and challenge you to keep asking the questions— ‘how?’, ‘why?’ and ‘why not?’

Issues are chock-full of interviews and news from experts in the field, articles on intriguing finds and theories, thought-provoking contributor articles and features by notable authors, tasty and surprising ancient recipes, ancient puzzles and mysteries, and expeditions and journeys for the adventure-lovers.

This magazine has come about as a result of requests from you, our readers, and the passions of our dedicated team. So, welcome to Ancient Origins Magazine!

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Meet our Team
  • Joanna Gillan | Chief Editor
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    Joanna co-founded Ancient Origins with her husband Dr. Ioannis Syrigos and has enjoyed writing and editing for the website since its inception six years ago. Together they have immersed themselves in their personal passion for ancient history, mythology, and human origins.  She loves learning about and experiencing other cultures and has spent time living in Australia, UK, Greece, Ecuador, and Ireland and travelling to hundreds of historic sites around the world. Joanna is excited to now hold the Chief Editor role for Ancient Origins Magazine.
    Favorite Ancient Site: Tombs of the Kings in Paphos, Cyprus

    Surprising Fact about Joanna:
    She spent five years working for royalty (and she had a close run-in with a bull shark in Australian waters!)
  • Dr. Micki Pistorius | Author Coordinator
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    Micki Pistorius’ journalist career commenced in printed and television media. She obtained a DPhil Psychology, profiled hardened criminals, and authored several books on the subject. She completed BA Hons in Biblical Archaeology and has affinity for the Bronze Age. She trailed Odysseus from Mycenae on mainland Greece to Troy in Turkey, followed the footsteps of Alexander the Great to Taxila in Pakistan, and traced her Tancred crusader ancestral lineage to Hauteville in France. She lives and writes on a tropical island.
    Favorite Ancient Site: Poseidon’s temple at Sunion.

    Surprising Fact about Micki:
    She enchanted the wild horses on the Camargue.
  • Liz Leafloor | Art Director
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    For over two decades Liz has worked in print and digital media as a Graphic Designer and Creative Manager. She spent many years working as a freelance designer and contributing writer for news outlets, and then Ancient Origins stoked her passion for all things history and archaeology. She’s thrilled to be Art Director for Ancient Origins Magazine, adding to her involvement in exciting and diverse projects including digital publication, ebook creation, website development, video game art design, and farming.
    Favorite Ancient Site: Ossuaries big or small.

    Surprising Fact about Liz:
    She once saved a woman from a burning building.
  • Alicia McDermott | Editor
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    Alicia is a researcher, editor, and writer with Ancient Origins. She’s a lifelong learner and has worked in various fields such as education, tourism, and anthropology. Traveling throughout Bolivia, Peru, and Colombia, as well as all-over Ecuador, Alicia has increased her knowledge of Pre-Colombian sites as well as life in modern Andean cultures. But South America is just one area of interest! Alicia has had an open mind and a passion for writing since she was a child.
    Favorite Ancient Site: Chan Chan, Peru

    Surprising Fact about Alicia: She fished for piranha and sought out big snakes in the Pampas.
  • Genevieve Zozobrado | Advertising Manager
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    Genevieve is the Advertising Manager of Ancient Origins Magazine. She loves sales and advertising because it is about continuous learning and overcoming obstacles.
    Favorite Ancient Site: The magnificent ancient city of Petra, Jordan
    Surprising Fact about Genevieve:
    She is an OCR (Obstacle Course Racing - Spartan) sponsored athlete.