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The Quest for Gold
The Quest for Gold

Gold. There is no other object that has played such a significant role in shaping human history as this illustrious metal. It has adorned the heads of kings and the necks of queens; it has shone from the tops of pyramids and it has been displayed to cheering crowds by victorious rulers in triumphal processions. It has inspired some of humanity’s greatest achievements, stirred passions for power and glory, commanded veneration, and provoked greed, slavery, and even murder.

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What could be residing deep within the earth? (Phillip/AdobeStock)

The Hollow Earth Theory

According to Hollow Earth Theory, the Earth is a hollow planet with ancient entrances to the subterranean world scattered throughout it, including near both polar caps.

The incredible sword shocked archaeologists (Kichigin19/AdobeStock)
Artifacts & Tech

The Ancient Chinese Sword that Defied Time

In 1965, archaeologists were carrying out a survey in Hubei province, China, four miles from the ruins of Jinan, capital of the ancient Chu state, when they discovered 50 ancient tombs.

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