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Fearless All-Female Military Force: The Dahomey Amazons

By Ancient Origins - February, 13 2023

The Dahomey Amazons were an all-female Fon military regiment of the Kingdom of Dahomey, a West African kingdom which was located within present-day Benin. They were dubbed “Amazons” by Western historians who likened them to the mythical Amazons of ancient Anatolia and the Black Sea. In their homeland, they were known as Mino, or Minon, meaning “our mothers.”

The Discovery and Treasures of King Tutankhamun’s Tomb

By Ancient Origins - November, 14 2022

2022 marks the centennial of one of the greatest archaeological finds in modern history – the discovery of the tomb of Tutankhamun. It was discovered by chance in the world-famous Valley of the Kings on the west bank of the Nile opposite Luxor.

The Majesty of Ancient Egyptian Queens

By Ancient Origins - November, 14 2022

Although many people today refer to the wives of ancient Egyptian kings and female Egyptian pharaohs as queens, in ancient Egypt all the people surrounding the king (pharaoh) were referred to by their relationship to him/her. This was not meant to diminish a woman’s role per se, it was simply because all royal titles emphasized the individual’s relationship to the powerful king.

The Mysterious Ancient Egyptian Labyrinth

By Ancient Origins - November, 14 2022

“This I have actually seen, a work beyond words. For if anyone put together the buildings of the Greeks and display of their labours, they would seem lesser in both effort and expense to this labyrinth… Even the pyramids are beyond words, and each was equal to many and mighty works of the Greeks. Yet the labyrinth surpasses even the pyramids.”

Think Egypt Think Magic: The Power of Heka

By Ancient Origins - November, 14 2022

The lives of ancient Egyptians were inextricably intertwined with magic. It was present in everything from religion to politics, and from birth to death. Magic was such a prevalent force that in the early third century AD, the Christian theologian and philosopher Titus Flavius Clemens, better known as Clement of Alexandria, declared that: “Egypt was the mother of magicians.”

Does Cave Art Reflect the Human Higher Brain Function of Language?

By Ancient Origins - April, 18 2022

A perplexing question that often arises is: why did our ancestors undertake chthonic journeys into the deepest bowels of the earth to express themselves through art against the uneven walls of the darkest caves? Why not paint rock art in more accessible locations?

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