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Medieval & Renaissance Period.

Discovery of Göbekli Tepe: The First Temple the World Had Ever Seen

By Joanna Gillan - August, 24 2019

On a windswept hilltop located six miles from Şanlıurfa– known in ancient times as Edessa – an American team, in collaboration with Istanbul University, carried out a survey in the early 1960s. They were examining sites across south-east Turkey to investigate the transition from hunting and gathering to the beginnings of farming.

Ginger: 5,000 Years of Spicing Up Our Lives

By Ancient Origins - December, 15 2018

Fresh, dried, pickled, preserved, crystallized, candied, powdered, or ground, ginger is used in many forms. In Ayurvedic traditions, it is used for its taste (rasa), energy (virya), and post-digestive effects (vipāka). But most importantly, its potent medicinal properties have earned it the name vishwabheshaja, “the universal medicine”.

How to Cook Like a Wealthy, 14th-Century ‘Good Wife’: Medieval French Chicken Cinnamon Soup

By Alicia McDermott - November, 24 2018

This recipe is taken from Le Ménagier de Paris’ (The Good Wife’s Guide), a guidebook from 1393 discussing the “proper behavior” for a woman in her marriage and while running a household. The text is not only a cookbook; it also includes advice from a fictional elderly husband telling his younger wife how to go about life in the garden, kitchen, and bedroom.

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