50th Issue Special Edition

50th Issue Special Edition
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1 month 4 weeks ago

Ancient Origins Magazine proudly presents its 50th milestone issue, a compendium of unique articles and in-depth investigation drawn from our extensive archives. This commemorative edition reflects our enduring commitment to exploring the complexities of bygone eras through rigorous research and expert analysis.

Spanning a wide spectrum of topics, including Maya mythology, divinely inspired monuments, and even some of our previously unknown hominid ancestors, each article offers a meticulous examination of pivotal historical phenomena. Furthermore, this edition discusses the enduring popularity of football, tracing its rich 2,000-year history. We also analyse the contentious realm of contemporary graffiti, uncovering the value and insights embedded within historic markings which can help us approach these matters in a new light.

Leading the charge in this issue are exclusive interviews with renowned figures such as Dr. Roberto Volterri, Elizabeth Semmelhack, and Ms. Jayshree Mungur. These insightful conversations delve into a myriad of subjects, ranging from contemporary efforts to reconstruct the enigmatic Baghdad Battery, to the extensive array of artifacts showcased at the Bata Shoe Museum, and even the captivating story of the extinct Dodo of Mauritius.

In celebration of our 50th Issue Special Edition, we decided to offer our readers the chance to win one of three timeless ancient board games from the Ancient Origins Store. Additionally, for those new to Ancient Origins, we included the story of our journey from humble beginnings to the present day. Thank you for your continued support in unraveling the mysteries of the past.