Music: Discovering the soundtrack of the ancient world

Music: Discovering the soundtrack of the ancient music
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7 months 4 weeks ago

Examining and recreating the instruments our ancestors left behind, singing their songs, and exploring the locations where they performed gives us a much richer understanding of the past and brings their stories to life in a way quietly pondering archaeological sites as if they were silent places of worship cannot.

In this issue we explore the theme of ancient music through the ages and across the globe. You’ll read about prehistoric stones which seem to magically turn into instruments (if you know how to play them), the tradition of singer-storytellers known as griots, and the origins of flamenco. Discover how music and megalithic sites intertwine and why it’s probably best to never play Tutankhamun’s trumpets again! Finally, as the holiday season approaches, read about six unique winter holiday gift-bearers and discover the origins of Christmas carols, a cherished musical tradition that’s endured for generations.

So, the next time you are at an ancient site and the guide mentions that it’s a space where people held celebrations, remember that music is a vital component of festivities since time immemorial, and maybe hum a little song, tuning in to the music of the past.