Paranormal: Spirits, Psychics, and The Unexplained

Paranormal: Spirits, Psychics, And The Unexplained
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9 months 4 weeks ago

In a world often dictated by science and hard facts, we invite you to momentarily suspend disbelief, open yourself up to possibilities and wonder, and journey to the realm of paranormal phenomena. Grab your favorite brew and let’s investigate unexplained events, delight in eerie tales of ghosts and haunted houses, ponder the significance of psychics and magic, and consider the subject of UFOs.

As we delve into the underlying psychology of haunted houses and ghostly sightings, we attempt to unmask the truths that lie beneath the veil of the paranormal, offering a balanced sojourn that both questions and marvels at the unexplained. Amidst extraordinary tales, we've also carved out a sanctuary of science, a place where analytical minds can find solace while studying mysteries from the past. In this issue we’re joined by two experts. Jeremy Harte maps the borderlands where folklore meets landscape and the supernatural, and Dr. Neil Dagnall is an Associate Professor in Applied Cognitive Psychology involved with the teaching and researching of the anomalous for over 20 years.

So, join us as we travel through the haunting depths of Transylvania’s Hoia Forest, a place where the mundane meets the mystical, leaving adventurers with chills and more questions than answers. Then let your mind wander through historic haunted sites and stories of monarchs who dabbled in the occult, as the echoes of the past continue to rouse our imagination.

From uncovering the secrets behind spirit doubles that have inspired awe and dread in equal measure, to exploring the tantalizing possibility that ancient artists and writers were witnesses to phenomena beyond earthly comprehension, this unique issue invites you to not only read, but contemplate mysteries that have bewitched humanity for centuries.

May this issue entertain you and spark the luminous ember of wonder that resides within us all!