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‘Dancing Fairies’ (1866) by August Malmström. Source: Public Domain

Navigating Supernatural Landscapes

Jeremy Harte maps the borderlands where folklore meets landscape and the supernatural. His books include Explore Fairy Traditions, The Green Man, and Cloven Country: The Devil and the English Landscape. In between organizing events for the Folklore Society, he works as curator of Bourne Hall Museum in Surrey.
Psychic waves representation. Source: AITTHIPHONG / Adobe Stock

Unlocking the Past with Dr. Neil Dagnall

Dr. Neil Dagnall is a Reader (Associate Professor) in Applied Cognitive Psychology in the Department of Psychology at Manchester Metropolitan University. He has been involved with the teaching and researching of the anomalous for over 20 years and is a strong advocate of public engagement and education in science.
Representation of fashionable elite Romans. Source: Vadi Fuoco / Adobe Stock
Culture & Tradition

The Glamour of Ancient Roman Fashion

From lavish clothing adorned with intricate details to elaborate hairstyles and cosmetic rituals, the high fashion of ancient Rome was an exquisite tapestry that reflected the societal norms and values of its time.

Modern adventurers have retraced the expeditions of famous historical explorers. Source: Tryfonov / Adobe Stock
People of History

Following in the Footsteps of Historic Explorers

The idea of venturing into the unknown, facing danger, and discovering something new has captivated people for centuries. From the great sea voyages of the Age of Discovery to the exploration of the polar regions and beyond, the exploits of famous explorers have captured public imagination.

Representation of a travel journal waiting to be filled with memorable events. Source: Brebca / Adobe Stock
Artifacts & Tech

Delve into History with Travel Journals

There is an inexplicable pleasure to be gained from delving into the past through the written words and hand-drawn images of a personal travel journal.